Achievement and Destinations


It has been a difficult year with the interruption of COVID-19 however the students, families and staff have been working very hard to ensure the best possible outcomes for our year 14 students.  They are all moving on to new beginnings and we wish them all the best of luck for the future:

2019-20 Post 16 Leavers and destinations.

Sam-  Camphill College, Land based Programme/ACE

Emily –  Camphill College Craft Based Programme/ACE

Amy – Camphill College

Jade –  Camphill College

Rebecca –  Camphill College

Matthew –  Wakefield College – Mechanics

Lauren –  Camphill College ACE Programme

Thea –  Camphill College ACE Programme

Kian –  Wakefield College Construction

Brandon –  Camphill College, Land based studies.

Joshua –  Unknown venue

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