Primary contact: Mrs P Liley (Business Director) 01924 302980

Transition Y6/7

Once your son or daughter has been allocated a place at Highfield School for Secondary education, the school will work closely with you as parents and the current primary school to plan and undertake some short transition visits in the early part of the Summer Term. 

Our Parent Support Advisers, Kassie Byrne and Lynne Catchpole will contact you to arrange to meet with you to introduce themselves and to give you some initial advice and guidance on how to contact the school and who to speak to.

There will also be 2 full days of transition for your child to visit Highfield towards the end of June, early July, when they will meet with other young people who will be in their year group. We will arrange this with the primary school directly.

On the second of these transition days, there will be a parents coffee morning to which you will be invited. You will have the chance to ask any questions and to speak to parents of young people who are already at Highfield. They will be quite open and honest with you about their experiences and we feel sure this will help to calm any anxieties you may have at this stressful time.

Senior Highfield staff and the teachers of the new Year 7 groups, as well as the support staff and the Parent Support Advisers and some key administration staff will also be there to support you and answer any specific questions you may have.