School Notice Friday 20th March

The Government Guidance is that all pupils with an EHCP should still be able to come to school.

Therefore Highfield School remains open.

Some families may be choosing to keep their children at home for reasons outlined below.
As a school we need to keep a record of which families are social distancing for 12 weeks and those that are absent due to self-isolating.

Therefore can we please ask that you send a dojo message to the ‘School’ account stating which of the below categories your child is in.
This is also important for our onward planning so we know how many students to expect in.

We request that it is a dojo message as we do not have capacity to answer all calls from parents at this time.

1. Social Distancing

Some families may be choosing for their children to not attend at this time if they or a member of your family are part of the ‘vulnerable group’. If this is the case then you will be ‘social distancing’. This could be in relation to a family members age or a member of the household having an underlying health condition.
If you are social distancing we would not expect to see your child in school for 12 weeks.
But we will keep in contact to check on everyone’s welfare and well being.
Please see the link to the Government guidance at the bottom.

2. Self-Isolation

If your child or any other members of the household demonstrate symptoms then the household are required to self-isolate for 14 days.
This is to ensure that the symptoms have time to develop, or not, in each member of the household.
This is the minimum time of self-isolation if no-one has other symptoms that have developed.

At this time we will need 7 days notice before your child returns to school as we will need to ensure we have staffing in place and that transport can be arranged. So if you are self-isolating after seven days you can contact school to give us an update that everyone is well and we can look at return after this is everyone in the house remains well.
If you are self -isolating at this current time you can send your child’s planned return to school date on the message as long as everyone is currently well in the house.

3. In School
You are able to choose for your child to remain in school as long as they and members of your household remain symptom free.
We will share more details of our activity plans with you shortly.
Uniform will be optional for the foreseeable future but please consider that we are planning on doing outdoor and practical activities with all students.

Thank you for your continued support with this.

Social Distancing