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School Meals

A quality two-course meal, which is prepared on site, is provided within a cafeteria system.  There are two sittings, the first sitting from 12.15 to 12.35 and the second sitting from 12.35 to 12.55.  Money for meals should be brought on a Monday, for the whole week. School meals cost £2.05 per day (a total of £10.25 per week).  Sandwiches can be brought and all students sit together to eat in their class groupings, as lunchtime is viewed as an important part of social development.

Should anyone wish to change from school meals to sandwiches or vice versa, a week’s notice in writing is required in order to change catering arrangements.

Healthy Schools Initiative

Highfield School has worked with partners and colleagues within the LA to achieve the Healthy Schools Standard.