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Parent View

It matters to us what you think

Highfield School aims to do the best for all of our students.  Any comments you have will be helpful to us to ensure that we achieve our aims.  We all like to hear praise about our work and any compliments will be very welcome, but equally if you have a problem and want to complain, we want you to tell us about it.

There may be something that concerns you.  If this is so, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Sometimes a phone call or a visit to discuss your concerns will resolve the problem or put right something that has been bothering you.  If you are dissatisfied about the way your child is being treated or any action, or lack of action, by us, please let us know your concerns.

What we will do if you do complain

We will deal with your complaint honestly, politely and in confidence and we will look into your complaint thoroughly and fairly.  We will keep you up to date at all time with the progress of your complaint.  If we have made a mistake we will apologise.  We will always tell you what we are going to do to put things right.  Our aim is to ensure that formal complaints will receive a full clear written reply within 20 working days.

Annual Review & Education, Health and Care Plans


Quotes from Parents

“The most important thing is school has identified his unique needs and catered for his individual ways of learning”

– parent of a Year 10 student

“Her confidence has improved and she is now more confident and willing to take part in a wider range of daily life experiences at home”

– parent of a Year 8 student

“You have given our son vital life skills that he struggled with before. He now likes coming to school and is enthusiastic about going places and facing new challenges. Independence for us all and for Luke”

– parent of a Y11 student

“Keep helping other young people like you have helped my grandson to understand and talk to others about his feelings. I am sure that they will go a long way with this school’s support”

– grand parent of a Year 11 leaver, July 2014

“Our daughter has received excellent support to develop her self-confidence and self-esteem, and you have been there for us as parents with advice, support and links to other agencies who could help us”

 – parent of a Year 11 leaver July 2014, who has moved into Highfield Post 16

“Your support has been excellent. Knowing that little stresses can have significant impact on a young person’s learning and then their capacity to cope is less; letting the young person know they are valued and treating them as individuals; knowing what impact things that happen through the day can have on home life and keeping us informed to reduce the stresses.”

– Parents of a Year 11 student who moved onto the Bridge Programme, July 2014