Parents – Update to COVID Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Covid-19

Dear Parents / Carers,

We would like to share an update about the changes we have made to our Covid risk assessment in school. This is a live-working document as such SLT will work to hold this document under constant review. As such we can confirm that from today any students or member of staff with a temperature of 37.5 or above will be sent home. And we will carry out the steps lay out in our Covid risk assessment.

Alongside the measures taken below we would like to reassure you that your child’s wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds as we support them through more changes in school.

How we are asking you to support us

If your child has a temperature of 37.5 or above and/or is symptomatic and/or showing signs of being unwell (including stomach upset, soar throat, coughs, headache, stomach cramps). You will keep your child home for 7 days, even if their Covid-19 test has come back negative. This is the current NHS 111 guidance.


A deep clean of a classroom or area will only take place should we get a confirmed case of Covid-19. Please be rest assured that should we send anybody home who is symptomatic or with a temperature of 37.5 the areas will still receive a thorough clean.

Risk Assessment

We have undertaken a thorough risk assessment and this can be found on our school website. This is constantly reviewed and will be re-shared on a weekly basis.

As part of this risk assessment if we were to have a pupil or staff member with a positive test for Covid-19 we would close for two weeks to allow for a deep clean. Those who have had contact with the pupil or staff member would be notified, as per Government guidance, so that they could isolate for two weeks.

Taking Temperatures

On arrival to school all pupils, staff and visitors entering the building must have their temperature taken. Anyone who registers at 37.5 degrees or above will be sent home. Whilst this is not a temperature indicating a fever it is a raised temperature and we wish to take preventative action to air on the side of precaution to ensure your child’s and our staff’s safety. If it is a pupil with a raised temperature we will support, where we can, with transport home in the minibus.

We would then request that the pupil or member of staff has a Covid test. If this test would come back positive then school would close for two weeks as outlined above.

Please contact school if you have any further questions.