New Government Guidance COVID-19

As you will all no doubt be aware the Government set newguidance on Sunday evening regarding schools re-opening fromJune 1st.

Some of you, during your welfare calls will be being asked if youwish your child to return to school and whatthis may look like foryour child, but may not have fully shared or asked the questionsyou wish, so we arewanting to get a clear picture from you so wemay plan ahead.

Our first step is finding out from parents if they are wishing theirchild to return and what measures they wouldhope are in placeand what kind of provision you may be hoping for, for example, fullor part time.

There will be a survey monkey being sent to all parents and carers. There will also be letters sent out onFriday of this week.

Of course we will only be able to open school to an increasednumber of pupils providing we have riskassessed that it will besafe to do so and therefore your feedback will be crucial.

Thank you in advance for your support.