Home Learning

Here are resources for learning at home with your child.  If you have any suggestions of things you have found please let us know so we can add them to our resources bank.




Personal Development:


Preparation for Work:

  • Crash Courses - All you need to know about different jobs and industries.  Videos are on YouTube.
  • The World - Learn about the world out there!
  • Make a list of the jobs around the house (age appropriate) and next to each job put a price, once they have done that job, they receive the money. For example: putting toys in a box 10p.
  • Create a tuck shop for snacks, open it in the morning and in the afternoon with a price list, give your child an amount per day to spend.
  • Reward, reward, reward! Keep the positivity by rewarding your child for good behaviour. Use a medium/large sized box/tub/jar with the aim to fill it to the top, put handfuls in at a time, not just one, so your child can watch it filling up. You can use any household items to fill it, once it is full, they receive a reward.