There are eighteen classrooms, each with networked computer facilities and all rooms are well equipped for a variety of teaching purposes.  The school is built around two paved courtyards. In addition to the general classrooms there are specialist rooms for Art/Design, Life Skills and Information & Communication Technology.  Other facilities include an area for Emotional Health and Well being, a Library/ Resource Area, a Hall (used for assemblies and Dining) a Sports Hall, a Health Suite, a Medical Room, a Multi-sensory room and Drama Studio. The school is fully accessible for students with physical difficulties and has a lift to the 1st Floor.  The school benefits from very extensive, secure school grounds with high quality all weather areas, playing fields and purpose-built inclusive playgrounds, as well as outdoor learning environments. Further development of our physical spaces is taking place and we are hoping to open specifically designed areas for Emotional Health and Well Being, Occupational Therapy for Autism and an Independent Living Area Flat.

Our Gym


We have a fully developed fitness suite and separate gym along with designated outdoor spaces.  All our young people have access to fitness, physical activities and a range of experiences that promote good health and well being. Our PE Department is run by qualified PE staff who have additional understanding of Special Educational Needs.  We enter many local and national competitions in a wide range of sports that all our young people can get involved in, and we often win!

Emotional Health and Well Being

This is a new space being designed for September 2017 that is an exciting addition for our young people.  The space has been designed with young people who use this area, their parents and a design company.  We are hoping to have an official opening of this space in the Autumn Term 2017.

Living Skills and Independent Living

Our curriculum allows a wide range of experiences and we are excited that we will for the academic year 2017/18 have a flat for our young people to really explore independent living skills.  Not only do we explore healthy lifestyles and skills within cooking environments our young people have access to  outdoor spaces where they can experience horticulture.  The delivery of independent living skills for Preparation for Adult Life is one of our core principles to prepare our young people for their next stages in education, training and employment.

Wider Curriculum Experiences


Our creative curriculum is fully embedded and our young people enjoy music lessons, music therapy, opportunity to be in a choir.  Along with these opportunities there are many trips out of school, weekly horseriding sessions, lunch time clubs, after school clubs.  The enriched curriculum is a real strength of the school and all our young people play an active part, extending their interests and aptitudes.