Parent Support

The school has excellent support for families and this is provided by our Parent Support Advisers (PSAs). The PSAs can support with a wide range of issues. Each Parent Support Adviser covers particular year groups:

• Kirsty Barr covers key stage 3 (Y7-9)
• Lynn Catchpole covers key stage 4 (Y10-11)
• Emma Sutherland covers Post 16 (Y12-Y14 including students on Project Search)

The landline number for all PSAs is the school number 01924 264 240. The mobile contacts for PSAs are:

• Kirsty Barr: 0777 229 2279
• Lynn Catchpole: 0777 229 2488
• Emma Sutherland: 0749 553 9721

Our Parent Support Team also works outside of term time. This helps to provide support during what can be difficult times for families. During the holidays, the PSAs work collaboratively, so it might not be the PSA you know best offering support, but all our PSAs have access to shared files so can quickly get up to speed on your child’s needs.

Lynn Catchpole currently works part time (Weds, Thurs & Fri). If a parent of a Y10-Y14 student has an urgent matter on one of Lynn’s non-working days, they should contact the PSA office to speak to one of the other PSAs.

We hope that the support offered is always excellent. However, if you do have any concerns, we would encourage you firstly to speak to the PSA themselves.

If this does not clarify or resolve your concern, please then contact Pamela Liley, School Business Director, on or telephone 01924 264240.