Additional Funding

Pupil Premium and Year 7 Catch-Up Funding

A review of pupil premium and catch-up grant funding for Year 7 to Year 11 is available below, the review was carried out in September 2017 for the academic year 2016/17.

Following the review we have implemented 'Big Write', 'Maths Mastery' and Wave 3 interventions in Communication, Reading and Speech & Language to improve the quality of teaching and promote learning for all pupils. Pupils with barriers are given extensive support through working with families to improve engagement with school and have targeted interventions through Behaviour Mentors and Parent Support Advisors. Pupils have the opportunity to extend their communication skills into wider and further experiences both within the school day and outside of school through after school clubs, lunch clubs and trips/visits.

The next review for 2017/2018 will be in September 2018