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The Staff


We have a large, well-qualified and committed staff group who work very effectively in teams. All staff members are well supported through supportive appraisal processes to improve their practice and are encouraged to develop professionally. There are clear progression pathways identifiable within the school. Work is progressing to establish and develop 4 key teams in the school, each of which will focus jointly on aspects of the students’ individual development - school life, working life, independent life and adult life. Each area is linked to one strand of the Ofsted framework as the vehicle for measuring impact and demonstrating the continuous improvement of the school.


School Staff

Head Teacher

Miss J Kiernan, BSc (Hons) NPQH


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R Thompson


Assistant Headteachers

Mr S Jones MA, PGCE

Mr D Dixon, B.A. (Hons)


Teaching Staff

Mrs R Garnett B.A. (Hons) (7RG Teacher)

Mrs A Bates (7AB Teacher)

Miss S Skidmore (7SSk Teacher)

Mrs K Warren B.A. (Hons) PGCE (7/8KW)

Miss R Pickering (8RPi Teacher)

Miss R Parkes (8PC Teacher)

Miss S Chalkley B.A. (Hons) (8SC Teacher)

Mrs A Whitwood B.A. (Hons) PGCE (8/9AW Teacher)

Mrs J Hickey B.Ed. (9JH Teacher)

Mrs L Grainger B.A. (Hons) (9LG Teacher)

Mr S Nicholls MSc (10SN Teacher)

Mrs C Randall B.A. (Hons) (10CR Teacher)

Mr K Bould B.Ed. (Hons) (10/11KB Teacher)

Mrs N Hurst (10/11KB Teacher)

Mr M Warren BSc (Hons) (11MW Teacher)

Mr G McBride B.Ed. (Hons)

Miss P Hotchkiss B.A. (Hons) PGCE (Teacher & SENCO)

Ms J Craig B.A. (Teacher)

Mr L McAvoy BSc and MSc (Post 16 Manager)

Mrs S Stobbs B.A. (Hons) (Post 16 Teacher)

Miss R Beechill (Post 16 Teacher)



Miss P Hotchkiss B.A. (Hons) PGCE



Temporary and Part-time Teaching Staff/Tutor

Mrs A Hirst

Mrs M Whittel

Mr P Thwaites

Mr S Hinks

Ms E Blake


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Child

Mrs S Sharma

Mr S Hoyle

Mrs T Warren

Mrs K Kellett

Mrs S Barker


Ms T Marsh



Parental Support Advisers

Mrs Lynn Catchpole (Year 7 to Year 11 Parental Support Adviser)

Miss Emma Sutherland (Post 16 Parental Support Adviser)


School Based Learning Mentors

Mrs F McBride

Mrs S Atherton

Mr D Brady


Learning Assistants

Miss T Wilde

Mr M Hirst

Mr B Mitchell

Mr G Thwaites

Mrs P Clement

Miss A Jones

Mrs C Oldfield

Mrs K Treloar

Mrs E Duce

Mrs L Larkin (1)

Mrs J Bonson

Mrs S Ward

Mrs M Driver

Mrs L Larkin (2)

Mrs C Shaw

Mrs Y Wilson

Mrs S Wormald

Miss N Lodge

Mrs D Steeples

Mrs M Mitchell

 Mrs J Empsall

 Ms J Goodridge

 Mr R Godman-Sharples

 Mrs W Bowley

Mrs V Mangham

Mrs R Talbot

Miss A Jones

Mrs M Burden

Mrs L Fisher

Mr D Andersson

 Mrs Z Newbound  


School Business Director

Mrs P Liley


Senior Admin Officer / Finance Manager

Mrs P Pickles


Admin Officers

Mrs C Collins

Mrs D Gosnay

Miss F Jackson

Mrs S Bell

Mrs P Mincher

Premises Staff

Mr M Hudson

Mr A Scholey

Mr L Driver


Members of the Governing Body

Chair of Governors

Vice Chair of Governors

Local Authority Governors


Staff Governor

Safeguarding Governor


Co-opted Governors




 Parent Governors





 Foundation Governors


Mr W Taylor

Dr J Crosse

Mr W Taylor & Mrs S Sharp

Miss J Kiernan

Miss S Chalkley

Mrs E Jenkins


Mr S Hoyle

Mrs H Frizelle

Mrs R De Csernatony


Mrs L Austerfield

Mrs H Frizelle

Mrs M Rhodes

Dr J Crosse


Mrs S Stobbs

Mrs E Jenkins