22nd March UPDATE from Head teacher

Tomorrow Highfield will be open and we will welcome the pupils who have to come to school .

There will be 45 staff in school to ensure we can run safely, for the students who confirmed on Friday that they would be attending.

As the health crisis worsens we ask that you follow the government guidance which is to keep your child at home where it is safe to do so before sending your children to school.

As a school we will not be able to practising social distancing in school as this is extremely difficult for our students.

They will continue with the additional handwashing that we have had in place and following the other advice given .

It is likely that pupils coming into school could pick up the Covid-19 virus at some point and your family will then need to self-isolate at some point. Some may be carriers and never show any symptoms.

At all points we wish to be as accommodating to our pupils and families but we also need to be transparent and honest.

If you are a front line worker then we appreciate that there is no choice in the need for your child to come to school.

If you are not and your child being at home for a prolonged period would cause significant distress then we completely understand.

Some pupils will find it exceptionally hard in the family home for a prolonged period and if the benefits outweigh the risk to your family. Then we also understand this.

If this is not the case then please carefully consider sending your child into school tomorrow.

Thank you as always for your support with this as such a uniquely challenging time.

Kind Regards

Rebecca Thompson
Acting Head Teacher