Welcome to Highfield School


We hope this site gives you a good level of information about our provision, and a sense of what it is like to be part of our school community.  Our pupils come from all over the Wakefield area, and some from further afield, to benefit from our highly specialised teaching, excellent pastoral care and the wide range of specialist support services and interventions we provide through our personalised programmes.

We pride ourselves on nurturing our pupils skills and talents, we celebrate their individuality and support them to become as independent as they can be. Overall, our ambition is to ensure that they are well prepared for the next stage of their lives, be that finding meaning employment, continued education, supported or independent living.

Highfield School is an 11-19 secondary school for pupils with severe learning difficulties and/or complex needs, including many with a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum condition.  A few pupils have moderate learning difficulties and social, emotional and mental health needs, alongside a small number with additional needs of physical disabilities and/or hearing and visual impairments.  All our pupils have an education, health and care plan.

Places at Highfield School are determined by Wakefield Local Authority for Wakefield pupils, for pupils who live outside Wakefield, please contact the school .
If you would like to visit the school, you are most welcome to do so – please get in touch,

you’ll find our details in the contact us section.